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Julie, a former flight attendant from Québec, Canada, has been living in the Bahamas since 2000. She is a Bahamian citizen and owner of the restaurant "Le Petit Gourmet"!

Her culinary adventure began in her home kitchen, making wraps and light catering jobs; which soon expanded into a restaurant and catering business in 2008.

Not only does she run the restaurant along with her team, she also manages to donate and cater to charitable events such as Hands for Hunger, Paradise Plates and helping other organizations with their fundraisers such as The Seahorse Institute, Pinktober Bahamas, and B.A.A.R.K.  

When you enter the restaurant, it's like walking into your home.

You're instantly welcomed, and made part of the family!

Her wish is to touch people's life with her passion of food and love of people.

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